Everybody loves

Welcome to Thumbody:

I'm so glad you found me and my friends! We're all part of the Thumbody family, and we're all unique - just like you! And I know that you're going to love us (well, we ARE very lovable).

There are over 26 of us in the Thumbody family so far, including Mr Handthumb who's convinced he's the most handthumb man in the land, Miss Thumbshine (she's always so happy), Mr Marathumb (who can't keep still) and Quarrelthumb, who always has to argue with everyone. You can meet most of us in the book The Thumbodies.

We're brand new and we really want to get out and meet as many children as possible. We've got lots of great stories to tell, and you'll soon see that each of us is special - just like you. So come on - join the Thumbodies party!