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Our favourite young celebrity friends:

Hi, I'm Madelaine and I love these books! They are so colourful, funny and easy to read. And I got a free t-shirt for a little modelling, plus it was fun!

I have an older brother too, and even though he's not really the age group of The Thumbodies (he thinks he's too grown up for my stuff), he had a look through mine and said he liked the pictures. His favourite character is Quarrelthumb but I can't imagine why because that's not at all like him. Well, actually it is sometimes! I like Pothumb, she's in The Thumbodies book and she really is cute. I'm really looking forward to reading her book.

I'm hoping that in the next four books of the Thumbody series that Pothumb will be one of the main characters. My brother wants to see Troublethumb in his own book, I wonder why? I did enjoy reading through the books on my Dad's iPad but I really like the printed versions of the books even more.

The little northern beaches Princess, Maddie (6 years old), Sydney, Australia

Well, I guess you've worked out that I can't write yet, but my mum told me that because I really loved these books we should let all of you know!!

My Dad bought my Mum an iPad for Christmas, so my Mum has been downloading every book available for me and my sister Olive and then she went to the bookshop and bought the printed ones too, so we could look at them when we went to bed. Although Olive is even younger than me and laughs and giggles at anything, I think she also likes the Thumbody series of books a lot! Well, I can only guess that as she doesn't speak yet either, but the bright pictures seem to get a giggle.

I was really enjoying a lollipop when mum was reading the Thumbody books to me, so the pages are all sticky, but I don't mind because now I can lick the pages as well! I'm pretty sure I love these books...nah...I do! I just don't want everyone enjoying them as much as I do!

Blondie beach boy, heart throb Harry (2 1/2 years old), Sydney, Australia

I got a free t-shirt and free books, so of course I like the Thumbodies... ha ha! But I liked the books a lot anyway, especially because my Mum and Dad have been reading them to me as I'm not the best reader yet.

I liked Thumbshine because she looks so happy and smiles so much, just like me! So she is my favourite Thumbody.

I also liked Mr Handthumb as he always worried so much about what he looked like when he went out, just like my older brother. But I won't tell him that.

I hope you enjoy the books as much as I did.

The city model girl, Hannah (3 1/2 years old), Sydney Australia