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The Thumbody family of characters was created to entertain children, and at the same time deliver a message that says everyone is special, and for lots of different reasons.

Today's children will be entering a highly competitive market as adults, and one of the most important attributes they can take with them is self-esteem. Whilst we don't expect a Thumbody book to be responsible for giving a child high self-esteem, we do think that reading them an entertaining story with adorable characters and a theme that consistently represents the individual, and presents the way in which each Thumbody is special in an easy to understand manner, provides a valuable message to young readers.

The first book in the series, The Thumbodies introduces a number of the Thumbody characters as Mr Thumbody takes a stroll. He meets Marathumb, who likes to keep fit; Greenthumb, whose flowers adore him; Pothumb, who can see brilliantly in the dark; Mr Handthumb, who is of course very handsome; Quarrelthumb and Troublethumb, who get along really well even though they argue all the time; and Thumbshine, who makes everyone she meets feel extra happy.

These characters are all expanded in books of their own. There are now more than 30 different Thumbodies in the Thumbody family, and all of them have a uniquely special story to tell. But we haven't forgotten that children love to be entertained, so the stories are funny, engaging and easy to understand. The illustrations are cute and colourful, and all of the characters are lovable.

There's more....

Interestingly enough, it seems language actually doesn't seem a barrier when it comes to high quality graphics and a good story. The Thumbody range of ebooks are now available throughout Europe and both France and Germany are leading the rest of the EU.

We're currently working on our full range of products (click here for a look at the beginnings of our store) as well as making available all our books in print, so we can send them throughout the world. The demand for soft cover versions of the Thumbody books has been quite overwhelming with the USA being a very big fan of the Thumbody series and we thank you for that! Up until now The Thumbodies have only been available in soft cover throughout Australian book stores.

Yep, the secret is out! We're all from a beautiful beach area in Australia, just north of Sydney called Newport. Although we're not sure where Quarrelthumb comes from, that argumentative character is incorrigible!! Yet, he is THE most requested character by everyone in every country! Can you explain that one? Because we sure can't!

If you'd like to have a peek at one of the four books freely available in an ePub/iBook format, please log on to iTunes and search for The Thumbodies. There is also a page available of each book as a pop up if you click here.

So have a quick look, we're sure you'll love the Thumbodies! We do..and we're not biased at all!