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A Range Of Thumbody Books:

Meet the Thumbody family!

There are more than 30 different characters in the Thumbody family, and they all have very entertaining stories to tell!

The first book in the series is The Thumbodies, which introduces a number of the Thumbody characters as Mr Thumbody takes a stroll.

He meets Marathumb, who likes to keep fit; Greenthumb, whose flowers adore him; Pothumb, who can see brilliantly in the dark; Mr Handthumb, who is of course very handsome; Quarrelthumb and Troublethumb, who get along really well even though they argue all the time; and Thumbshine, who makes everyone she meets feel extra happy. Other characters living in Thumbodyland include Tirethumb, Mrs Greenthumb and Dr Thumbody - there are lots of terrific Thumbodies to meet!

Each story is presented so it's easy to read and fun to look at. And all of the stories have a little moral to them. For example, Quarrelthumb - who is so argumentative he even disagrees with the Talking Clock - ends up learning that being agreeable can be very agreeable. Mr Handthumb, who is so vain that he carries a hand mirror everywhere with him, discovers that everyone will still like him even when he's got a cold and doesn't look all that handsome at all. And Marathumb, who believes he is special because he can run everywhere, finds out that he can also do other things with his time that he really likes - such as reading a book!

The Thumbody characters are a perfect package for children. They're cute, entertaining, and each of their stories has a message for wellbeing and happiness. Join the Thumbody family today!

For those in the grip of the electronic book medium frenzy, we have been able to offer the first four books of the series; The Thumbodies, Quarrelthumb, Handthumb and Marathumb for free in an electronic version for you to downloaded to either your iPad or iPhone through iTunes. We would love to be able to offer them on Kindle and Nook, however neither of those formats allows us to be able to offer these books for free. Which we think is a little unfair!

Just click here to find out more about the digital versions of our books.

If you do not own an iPad or iPhone and have not been able to download these books in their entirety, then we would like you to have a peek at the kind of artwork and stories available. Just click on each the four titles below and a demonstration of an internal page from each book will pop up.

Just click here to have a peek at The Thumbodies.

Have a look here at Quarrelthumb. He's not the easiest person to get on with.

And here is Mr Handthumb, by far the handsomest man in the land. Well, at least he thinks so!

And lastly, have a look at Marathumb. Marathumb. By far the fittest Thumbody in the land and no-body argues with that!